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My family

Rosa angelica Perez Devia

my name is Rosa Angelica Perez Devia

was born on march 31, 2001 in the ibague city

I'm 16. the educational institution san isidoro in which I am enrolled in grade eleven

I like Listen Music , sleep, play micro soccer,

I am an intelligent cheerful person , Smile ,

when I finish my degree ,i think ingeener sistem


my family

This is the Perez Devia family,

my Mother Nelly , my father Sergio Perez Henao,

my my grandparents ,

we live in the neighborhood Hope espinal tolima

my mother

My mother's name is Nelly Esperanza , 51 years old, was born

on april 30 the 1965 , it is very bad geniada , very tender and very Linda, very

love her is, thanks to it have been good person.

My Father

my father is Sergio Perez Henao ,

is an people very Good, he Worked much

He is malgeniado , he is strict

My father live whith we

My brother

my Brother Is Carlos Perez Devia ,

he is very fastidioso and alegre

he have 18 old year , he is Estudioso

My brother is very Divertido

My friend

my friends whith They ,

unforgettable moments whith they I feel very happy

they have always been when I need

they My Friends

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University of Tolima

This is the University of tolima

it is located in ibague

I Studing

This is the University of tolima

i study Psicologia Medica

I Lke Study Psicologia Medica

I Working

I Working as Psicologia Medica

I like my job Psicologia Medica

Neighborhood friends

They are Neighborhood friends

I enjoy spending time with them

output Pedagogica

We output Pedagogica friends

I had fun with my friends


This Is mi school

I had fun are with my friends

in The School


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